5.11 RUSH 12 Tactical Military Assault Molle Backpack – Product Review

When searching for a military-style backpack, you’re likely to come across a slew of options. Customers may find it challenging to choose one bag that fits all of their needs. Customers may want to consider picking is the RUSH 12 Tactical Military Assault Molle Backpack by 5.11. Below, you’ll find an extensive review of the product to simplify your buying needs.

RUSH 12 Tactical Military Assault Molle Backpack By 5.11

The RUSH 12 Tactical Military Assault Molle Backpack by 5.11 is a rugged option meant to withstand any mission. 5.11 made the pack with durable, water-resistant 1050D nylon. The bag also features self-repairing YKK zippers. There are 16 individual compartments within the backpack, helping to keep users organized. The bag is a bit expensive than other options, available on Amazon for just under $100. However, this could be a worthwhile investment.


  • Durable 1050D nylon is water-resistant and built to last
  • YKK zippers self-repair themselves in case of snags
  • 16 individual compartments, including a hydration pocket and a large main storage area
  • Can be used for a variety of activities, including hunting or hiking
  • Includes tactical features like glove-friendly pull tabs


  • The cost of the bag could be a little more than some are expecting to pay
  • The product is not CCW-Ready
  • Significantly smaller than other 5.11 RUSH models
  • The backside of the pack does not have Velcro or molle panels
  • Some customers indicated the rubber pads on the backpack caused friction on their back

Our Verdict

Those looking for a tactical bag should add the RUSH 12 by 5.11 to their short list of choices. The pack has an outstanding 4.7-star rating on Amazon with nearly 1,150 customer reviews. Of those who reviewed the product, 80 percent gave it a five-star rating. A mere three percent of respondents gave the backpack either a one or two-star rating.

One of the things that stood out most to our team when testing this product was its durability. 5.11 made the backpack with 1050D nylon. We found that this material was both water-resistant and durable. Additionally, this pack stood out to the self-repairing YKK zippers. Both the front and back of YKK zippers are angled the same way.

When we snagged the zipper, all we had to do was zip the pack all the way shut and open it again. The zipper fixed itself. This may seem something minor, but those in high-pressure tactical or first-responder situations should find it incredibly beneficial. When every minute matters, you can’t afford to waste time trying to close your backpack. The self-repairing YKK zippers on the RUSH 12 ensure this is the case.

The RUSH 12 comes with 16 pockets, designed to help keep you organized. Users will first find a large front admin compartment with fleece-lined pockets. These can help everyday essentials, such as flashlights, multi-tool devices, notebooks, and pens. Customers will then also find a glasses pocket, ideal for storing sunglasses, shooter’s glasses, or valuable electronics. The glasses pocket is also lined with fleece.

We very also very impressed by the fact that this backpack featured a hydration compartment. Although a hydration bladder is not included, customers can purchase a reservoir like the CamelBak Crux on Amazon for roughly $30. The RUSH 12 also features ambidextrous hose ports. Unfortunately, there are no other Velcro or molle features in the hydration pack slot. So, if users don’t use a hydration pack, they may not be able to get much other use out of this pocket.

The backpack features a 5.11 slickstick web platform exterior. We found that attaching other gear was effortless. More importantly, the equipment stayed attached when we put it through a series of rugged testing. The backpack also features hook-and-loop nametape, as well as flag patches and pull tabs that are glove-friendly.

The RUSH 12 has a capacity of 1476 cubic inches, equivalent to 24 liters. It’s worth mentioning that this is the smallest capacity available in the 5.11 RUSH product line. For instance, the RUSH 24 backpack has a capacity of 2275 cubic inches or 37 liters. The RUSH 72 is significantly larger, with a capacity of 3342 cubic inches, or 55 liters.

One of the other significant downsides to the RUSH 12 is that it does not provide concealed carry. If users would like a 5.11 backpack that features CCW, they should check out the COVRT 18.

Cost And Warranty

The RUSH 12 is available on Amazon for just under $99. The backpack is a “Prime” product, which means those with an Amazon membership will not have to pay shipping costs. 5.11 also sells the RUSH 12 on their website for the same price as it is on Amazon. 5.11 also offers free shipping on any order over $35. Additionally, customers should be on the lookout for potential sales and deals on the 5.11 website, such as the recent 50 percent-off year-end sale.

Some customers may balk at the $100 price point, especially when compared to the cost of other tactical backpacks. However, our team believes that the RUSH 12 is well worth the price. The RUSH 12 is an investment that is sure to last. Many customers remarked that they used the backpack daily for a wide array of activities, including:

  • First-response and tactical situations
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Camping

Furthermore, 5.11 provides a life-long warranty that protects against issues with materials or workmanship, although the company states explicitly that damage from abuse, misuse, and extended wear and tear is excluded from the warranty. However, the impressive life-long warranty should help ease concerns about the backpack’s durability, which are bound to arise when you’re determining whether to invest in a high-quality piece of tactical equipment.

About 5.11Tactical

According to the company website, 5.11 Tactical lives by the mantra, “Always be ready.” The website also states that 5.11 provides “purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions.” 5.11 has existed for more than 25 years. 5.11 first gained recognition when the FBI adopted the company’s training pants as part of its official uniform in 1992.


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