A Review of Top 5 Tactical Gloves

When looking for the best tactical gloves, it is critical to consider level of protection, good fitting gloves; among other factors. The right gloves should fit right into your tactical engagements. They should fully protect your hands and provide you with utmost comfort at the same time. Thankfully, the market has some good tactical glove choices. 

This article reviews the top 5 tactical gloves in the market today. This information should guide you to the ideal pair of gloves. Before jumping into the list, it is worth keeping in mind that there are all manner of gloves in the market. Previously, we have reviewed specific tactical gloves at the request of our readers. They come with myriads of features and a variety of budgets. Before ordering the cheapest option, look at the product details and consider verified customer reviews. This is the only sure way to get value for money.

freetoo tactical glovesBest Tactical Gloves

  1. FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves

These are versatile gloves that can be used by men in uniform, motorcycle riders, shooting paintball and any other heavy duty engagement. This best selling glove will protect your hands from all the hazards including burns, cuts, scrapes and vibration injuries. This product is fitted with thermal plastic rubber fingers with composite PVC padded knuckle. Full hand protection is your priority when thinking tactical gloves; and this product ranks highly on protection. Thanks to the high elastic mesh fabric, the FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves fit very well. They come in a variety of sizes including small, large, extra large; among others. When handling a rifle or pistol, your fingers are able to flex accordingly without feeling loose.

The glove employs a breathable vent design with padded mesh material that is built to keep your hands clean, dry and comfortable; even on hot days. Because of microfiber leather, palm friction is enhanced to promote better grip. This product is also very durable owing to double-layer sewing; making this glove longer lasting than other gloves. This product is available for men, women and children and choosing the best fit is the key to enjoying your tactical gloves. What’s more amazing is that the glove is available at an affordable price. For the quality, extra features and overall feel, this glove is definitely your best choice on the list.  

  1. Mechanix Wear – M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves

This machine washable tactical glove has a number of uses including military, shooting sports, law enforcement and maintenance repair work. The glove is fitted with signature features that make your engagement all the more successful. First, it comes with a pinch point fingertip protection made of thermoplastic rubber. Also, there is a closure that creates the most secure wrist fit made of thermoplastic rubber as well. Your hands are kept dry and cool thanks to the highly breathable TrekDry fitted therein. You also get special palm reinforcement courtesy of Armortex.

To support extreme abrasion resistance, the glove also has some internal fingertip reinforcement. The product comes with touchscreen technology which is incorporated with the long lasting synthetic leather palm. For storage, you have strong nylon carrier loops. If you are looking for a glove that delivers comfort, durability and value for money, you will not go wrong with this option. There are several color options for this glove that include black, grey and brown. A variety of sizes are available from small to extra extra large.]

  1. young woman wearing tactical gloves Under Armour Men’s Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

These are liner gloves that can be worn on their own or as a first layer of much heavier gloves. For this reason, they are thinly fitted while employing excellent features to give you utmost comfort. When faced with harsh conditions, you can wear this glove as a first layer. Otherwise, it is designed to give you all the traditional tactical glove services. It is made of highly breathable finish material that repels both rain and snow. It features a knit fabric with a plush interior that is designed to deliver the right amount of warmth. You can also operate touch screen devices without taking the gloves off; this is made possible by the Tech Touch print technology on thumbs and fingers. This product also enjoys high customer ratings and comes at a very affordable price. There are various size and color options.

  1. Oakley Lite Tactical Gloves

These tactical gloves are ideal for heavy duty engagements. They are made to withstand all manner of rigors associated with rough activity. They feature lightweight construction of the ribspan with suede and molded panels to give you great comfort and full protection for your hands. The dexterity therein is commendable and no matter your activity, you can be sure of superior protection. Breathable abrasion resistance is provided by the ventilated AX Suede palm. The glove fits perfectly thanks to the cuffless wrist closure. You can use your mobile phone and other gadgets easily because of touch screen compatibility that is fitted therein. The glove is made using a host of materials including polyester, spandex, polyurethane and rubber. Available in black and coyote, you also get a few size options. For the price and value, this is certainly a good product to consider.

MECHANIX M-PACT tactical gloves

Picture courtesy of YouTube: Euro Security

  1. Hard Times 2 Glove

This is a heavy duty glove that is known for strength and superior knuckle protection. Despite being made with leather, you can operate your touchscreen gadgets as needed because it is compatible. Above all, your hands are kept safe from all the hazards of tactical engagements and heavy duty work. The glove features a 4 way breathable stretch top, sweat wipe panel on the thumb, touchscreen goatskin palm and a hook and loop wrist closure that is adjustable. Other exciting features include a two piece molded hard knuckle; ideal for ergonomic impact protection.

This glove is TAA compliant and comes with a reinforced pull tab and cuff seam. This highly rated product delivers and if you do not mind paying a little more, you get full value for your buck. The gloves are available in various sizes and you can choose black and kangaroo shades.




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