Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack Review


  • Three-day tactical bag made for advanced hunting applications
  • Comfortable straps and a cozy touch
  • Includes detachable features
  • Includes the MOLLE webbing system
  • Durable, strong 500 Denier Cordura fabrics
  • Camouflage patterns and unique slim profile
  • A lot of organizational areas and numerous pockets
  • Water resistant and lightweight material


  • Compared to other similar models it is a bit expensive
  • The crannies and nooks might be a little confusing
  • It is not waterproof

Every serious adventurer or hunting enthusiast knows how important is to be ready for any tough situation by carrying the right gear. Having the durable tactical bag that you can quickly grab and go can help you avoid some catastrophe. So, purchasing the right backpack for those moments can be crucial.

As you may already know, searching for the perfect bag can be hard, especially when it comes to these backpacks. But, don’t worry; we are here to help you make the informed decision. We have searched and tested many models, but what has caught our eyes was the Direct Action Ghost tactical pack.

It comes fully packed with the luxuries of a premium hunting bag and all the basics. For instance, because this one is a versatile model, you can use it as an outdoor tactical gear or as an everyday backpack. It has great features and advantages that you will find helpful while in wild nature.

Keep reading our direct action ghost review and find everything you need to know about this product.


Bulletproof Material

Thanks to the incredible bombproof 500 Denier Cordura material this bag is the perfect choice for serious hikers and hunters. If you are doing that for a long time, chances are you have had some quality problems with the bags you were using, right? Well, we all went through those issues, but fortunately, we came to our senses. Now, when we are off to some adventure, we always have the right, durable gear with us.

You should know that this backpack will handle any form of abuse nature throws its way because it is made for aggressive hunting applications. You know how dangerous it can be in the wild, so having a bulletproof bag is more than necessary.

inner pockets of Ghost backpack

Durability and Rain Performance

As we already said earlier, this model is made of great material that includes sturdy Duraflex buckles and heavy-duty YKK zippers. Even after one year of heavy use, you won’t notice the difference. The bag will look the same as the day you have bought it. The stitching has held out well because it is extremely strong.

When the bag is filled to capacity, the compression straps remove the stress from the zippers. That way your bag will last longer. We didn’t like the fact that it isn’t waterproof, but we need to admit that it is highly water resistant. But if you live in a wet climate and carry some sensitive electronics, you should have the rain cover that you can purchase separately.

Lightweight Design, Slim Profile

We all hate those daunting bulges that form at the bag’s back when you load it. It can be very uncomfortable and annoying when you are on your adventure. But, the manufacturers of this bag have thought about that and fixed this issue! We have mentioned before the aesthetics are fantastic, but you will also love the slimmer, taller profile that will make your trip worth the while.

This feature is designed to distribute weight properly so you won’t face any problems while on some expedition or operation. It is also lightweight which is a big plus when it comes to these backpacks.  And to help you go through the woods as a phantom, you will get special camouflage pattern.


When you think about any backpack, the first thing you need to consider is the comfort. It can be the essential thing when you go on an adventure or some hunting expedition. No one wants to be uncomfortable in those situations, especially when you need to walk for miles.

So, this company paid special attention to the comfort of this backpack to made sure their clients are satisfied with the design. And they were very successful in making the right features. This model includes waist belt and soft, breathable back area to distribute the weight adequately and sufficiently padded straps. So, if you are going on a three-day adventure and pack a lot of things, this pack will do an excellent job in preventing back issues.

Attachment system/MOLLE and Water Bottles

This model features 2 pockets where you can place your water bottles or some other smaller things you are carrying. They include a zipper and two straps with which you can strap the content into place. But the thing we have noticed is that the bottles tend to slip out. So, you may want to keep your water inside the bag.

This model also has multiple Velcro patch attachment points. One is on the removable pouch, and the other is on the bag’s top rear. You can easily attach the items, pouches, and others to the MOLLE webbing system on the waist belt, and rear and across the sides of the bag. This system is clean in appearance, durable and tight.

Ghost internal stiffener


Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack is one of our favorite models. What we liked about it is that it is unique and different. The manufacturers put function before anything else, and that is what made this bag so durable and reliable.

It is a versatile and lightweight pack designed for Law Enforcement and Military operators. And thanks to the solid color selection and wide camo, it is also an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality backpack that will last for a long time, and carries well, then you are in the right place. This model is everything you will need and more. We highly recommend it!


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