Our Gloryfire Tactical Vest Review for 2018


  • Durable design
  • Emergency drag handle
  • Includes heavyweight webbing for add-ons
  • Padded mesh interior lining
  • Anti-slip, removable shoulder pads with hook and loop guides


  • A little bit bulkier than some other models
  • Buttons are made of poor material
  • Sometimes it is difficult to get out the maps out of the pockets

This model is one of the top ten tactical vests on the market. The thing we liked it is the fact that it is perfect for the combat training and law enforcement professionals. You must be wondering what is about this product that makes it suitable for this kind of operations.

Well, its secret lies in its weight. The Gloryfire tactical vest is very lightweight which makes it a perfect piece of gear, especially when you have a lot of equipment to carry. That way you won’t overload yourself and carry too much weight.

On the other hand, bear in mind that it doesn’t have a lot of pouches and pockets like other models on the market, but it is heavy on the MOLLE loops and webbing. You can attach the extra gear to it. The Gloryfire company keeps its prices low which makes this product an affordable one that includes some great features and advantages.

So, keep reading to know more about this fantastic tactical vest and what it has to offer to its users.



Gloryfire tactical vest is made of specially treated 1000 D polyester, lightweight and high tear strength, fabric and selected high-quality additions such as plastic buckles, high-quality zippers, and others. This model was designed for operator mobility and functionality as well as for modular attachments on all sides.

When you are out in the field, you will be able to carry gear that you are going to use in these moments. And thanks to this product which is made to be a platform for all the stuff you are going to carry, you will be able to have your essentials with you. The best part about it is that it is very lightweight so you can’t overload yourself.

You just need to bear in mind that these particular models doesn’t include a lot of pouches and pockets, which you might find as its drawback.But on the other hand, it is heavy on MOLLE loops and webbing which is a bonus.

We also need to mention that this product comes with an emergency handle and padded mesh interior lining. The only thing we noticed when we had reviewed this product is that users have been complaining about the lousy quality of buttons. Some reported that they quickly came apart after being used a few times.

However, the material is durable, the stitching is well made, and it is affordable. So if you ask us, a little drawback won’t affect our opinion when we say that this is one of the best tactical vests on the market today.

GLORYFIRE Vest Shoulder Straps

Adjustment System

This tactical vest offers some great features such as adjustable shoulder straps, removable, anti-slip shoulder pads that includes loop and hooks guides. This anti-slip shoulder strap will provide you with maximum comfort thanks to the padded lining. The size of the vest is adjustable from medium to X-large, so you need to pay attention to the sizing when you decide to buy it.

We also need to mention that the chest platform is removable and adjustable, so you can modify it to fit your body correctly. Also, you can adjust the waist according to your sizing. These features are a must when it comes to the tactical vests. You need to feel comfortable when you are wearing this piece of gear, whether you are in the field on a mission or you are playing paintball or airsoft.

You don’t want to end up with the product that doesn’t suit you correctly. That is why it is essential to always look for the tactical vest that will suit your needs entirely. And, to increase the comfort of this model, the manufacturers added the padded shoulder strap that we already mentioned and a hydration pouch. But, the bladder is not included.


This tactical vest includes two internal mesh pouches and six built-in M4 magazine pockets. And what we really liked about it is that it offers a fantastic feature like heavyweight webbing for the modular attachments. That way you will be able to carry all the gear you are going to need when you are on some field operation, doing a job, at an event, hiking or a mission.

As we already said, you will notice that this model doesn’t offer a lot of storage space, but it is designed to be a platform for the extra equipment like a high-quality tactical knife that you will attach to it. And what is important is that it is very lightweight so you won’t have any issues with overloading.

Some users have complained that it can be hard to get out the map or some other important documents you are carrying, out of the pockets. But, that is just a small price to pay and avoidable if you plan ahead, when you have a good-quality tactical vest that will withstand all the conditions and situations you will put it through.

GLORYFIRE Tactical Vest Image From The Top


When it comes to the Gloryfire tactical vest, you just cannot go wrong with it. You will have a great piece of equipment which will be more than useful to you in some law enforcement or military operation. Thanks to the lightweight and durable design, you can carry and attach a lot of tools and equipment on it and at the same time feel comfortable.

And since this vest is made of high-quality material and can last for a long time, you should consider trying it. You just need to be careful when you are choosing the right model for you. Always check all the information and details about the product before you purchase one. You don’t want to buy a tactical vest that is too big or too small for you. So we hope that this article will help you to make an informed decision.

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