How To Wear A Tactical Knife?

Knives are some of the most versatile and viable tools for every day use as well as emergency situations. They can even sometimes mean the difference between life and death. It doesn’t matter if you are opening your letters, peeling fruits or going through a survival episode in the great outdoors – this type of gear comes in handy, one way or the other. They are useful to almost anyone so if you have any need for them whether it is for self-defense or just a simple camping trip you should seriously consider getting the more advanced models.

We will teach you the advantages and methods of wearing and concealment in this tactical knife carry guide. This guide will also show you how to use this useful tool correctly. You never know when the moment will come where you will be required to pull out your blade and use it to its full potential!

What Is A Tactical Knife?

There are plenty of blades in production that are designed for different types of usage scenarios. Accordingly, their purpose varies on plenty of specific factors. While longer blades like machetes are great for clearing out your way in a dense vegetation environment, they are not that practical for concealed carrying. On the other hand, short to medium length blades are very portable and thus represent an excellent everyday utility tool choice that you can have with you at all times.

Tactical knives use high-quality metal alloys that allow them to endure any usage scenario that their users might operate them in. Using high tensile strength materials for the whole construction, you get a portable weapon/tool that will never let you down when you need it most. They are a very desirable piece of equipment that many people opt to carry them once they leave the safety of their homes.

What Is Their Purpose?

In general, the primary use of the tactical knife is by the military and police forces. Although, ever since its first commercial availability, plenty of civilians and enthusiasts have also quickly got their hands on one. The combination of versatility and exceptional material endurance makes them perfect for various purposes. From hunters to casual outdoors people, handyman to fireman – anyone can find a use for this extremely important tool.

Since most of the newer models come with features like a window breaker tip, Rambo style inner stitching needle and thread, magnesium flints, whistles and even LED lights – you can easily comprehend why they are so popular among regular people. Keeping such a fully featured tool in your car or at your home can fast become useful when you need it especially when your life depends on it. It is because of these valid reasons and genuine situations that you should seriously consider getting one and even carry it with you at all times. This way you will never be without if something unsuspected should ever occur.

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Which Type Is The Right One For Me?

You can make your choice by thinking about your daily habits and your overall requirements. Do you spend a lot of time doing something that needs specialized tools or are you, in fact, an everyday Joe that goes through a simple home to job routine? Ask yourself questions about your movement and work regime and you will quickly know the answer about the type of tactical knife that might be the perfect choice for you.

Since we are discussing the ways of wearing a knife, we must point out that the size of the blade is always a consideration for carrying. You have a choice of picking models that have a folding blade and the ones that have a fixed, non-moving one. We shall discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both varieties first.

  • Folding Tactical Knives are perfect for their convenience factor since they occupy less storage or carrying space. They usually either feature a spring opening mechanism for automatic unfolding or use the old fashion manual method. They are a bit heavier because of this type of construction design and also could fail at some point due to the moving parts.
  • Fixed Blade Tactical Knives are the best possible choice for heavy-duty use in hunting or emergency situations where you can also use it as a lever or even a wedge tool. These models feature a design that is extremely durable and can go through incredible amounts of stress and damage without failing. When you need a reliable weapon for toughest situations – these types of blades are the ones to get.

How To Wear Your Tactical Knife?

Depending on the types of clothes that you wear, carrying a blade can be a straightforward affair. Most models come with blade covers and belt attachments which mean that you can either fit them on the inside of your jacket or leave them attached and hanging on the outer side of trousers or shorts.

Of course, if concealment is your top priority then you should consider going for compact or folding blade models that can fit purses, bags and smaller carrying pockets.

If you need a quick pull-out and ready type of action, then you should carry a rigid construction blade sheath that feature a single buckle to keep your knife secure. It will allow you to get your weapon fast in your hand and ready for action in mere seconds. Spring assist folding blades are also an excellent choice and worth consideration for this type of usage scenario.

Manual opening folding models are a poor choice for quick reaction time situations and yet suitable for day to day jobs. When you need to make repairs and do a cutting task, where time is of no essence, then these models will do just fine. Just remember not to use them as levers as the folding clasp can easily break and damage them permanently.


We live in dangerous times, and whether you need a blade for self-defense or a simple repair job in your home, tactical knives offer the perfect amount of versatility for almost any type of situations. Outdoor enthusiasts swear by them, military combat personnel trust their lives to them, and everyday people use these weapons/tools for even the simplest around-the-house tasks.

Considering their usability value and the fact that they are very affordable, makes them an essential part of your everyday wear gear. You never know when you will face a situation where the blade you carry along with you saves the day!


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