Overview: Remington 700 CP Rifle Caliber Pistol

Lately, the rifle caliber pistols are becoming very popular. Part of this is due to stabilizing brace, and the other part is due to the proliferation of users wanting tax stamps. As the brace makes these large framed guns practical to shoot, they start rising in the gun industry.

One of the most exciting models that is released in 2018 is the Remington 700CP, which is a blast to shoot. This is a bolt action pistol which is not new to the Remington Company. So, when we heard about this new product, we needed to experience it for ourselves. We have taken it for a spin so that we can write an overview of this model and show you some of its great features.

So, if you want to know more about Remington 700 cp, all you have to do is read on.

The Remington 700CP Bolt Action Pistol?

As we already have mentioned, these models are not new to this manufacturer. If you remember, they used to create the XP 1000 model. This one and some similar to it, that the Remington tend to make, were new to the market when they have came out. One group of people took them and used for bench shooting while others used them as a lightweight hunting pistol.

But, they were not very practical as they were a single shot. And as you can see above, shooting them is also a bit hard. Most users shoot them of a bag or bipod, as shooting these models like a handgun can be a challenge for some users. But then, the Remington 700 cp came out. The manufacturers represent it at an Athlon Outdoors event.

The Remington 700CP Build

This pistol is a newer model of the XP 100 bullpup bolt-action one. The Remington manufacturers wanted to upgrade the 700 cp model and pick up where the first one left off. So it is a better version that has all the features as the old one, but now it also includes some new ones that we will talk about.

The Remington 700cp is a great bolt action, but with a short barrel and a pistol grip. Depending upon which of the 3 caliber the barrel is chambered for, it comes in 2 different lengths: .300 & .223 AAC Blackout = 10.5’’; .308 = 12.5’’.

In this chassis, the weapons are fitted to be operated with any Accuracy International (AL) pattern mag. The model we have tested had mag Magpul. Removable Picatinny rail is located on the top, and it is 8 inches long. The forend includes M-LOK attachment points for full length on all 8 sides, and it is floated.

We wanted to say a few words about the pistol’s scopes. It should feature one. Your riflescope will not work the way you would want it to, and you won’t find iron sights. The best solution for this issue, is to use a scope of the pistol in which way you will feel an eye relief.

Your eye will sit for almost 15’’ back, instead of sitting only two, behind the scope. With a fixed scope Leupold 4x power, Remington has fitted the pistol we have used for testing. When we used it, it operated well, and we have found the reticle easily.

Range Test

We used the .308 model. A suppressor – AAC TI-RAID 30 was screwed on the firearm we have tested, and the pistol’s barrel was threaded. We were skeptical at first about recoil, but we didn’t have to be. At hundred yards we have lined up a plate of steel and pressed the pistol’s trigger slowly. We thought that it would be slightly unpleasant when the gun jumped off the bag; however we were wrong.

The bolt-action was smooth and nice when we have worked it and hit one more plate of steel at 150 yards after we have lined up the sights.

Speaking about its trigger, it is X-Mark Pro one. And what is important, is that it is crisp, because a pistol can be more difficult to hold steady than a rifle.

Why Are They Designing This Pistol?

Let us put this way; the first reason why the Remington is making this kind of pistol is fun. We know how that sounds but, let’s face it – having a bolt-action, rifle caliber pistol really doubles the fun.

The second thing why manufacturers have decided to make this pistol is a fact that it fits various niches. It will be good for you in times when you will want to lose pounds for a backpack hunt, remote, like bighorn sheep. The pistol will be a perfect solution if you are looking for a little stowaway firearm in the back of your car for varmints.

It will also be an excellent option if you want to carry with you the most powerful pistol when it comes to the range. What we recommend for it, is shooting sticks to keep the gun steady, or shooting it from a bag or a bipod. And to tame the recoil and muzzle blast, you could also use a suppressor. Get ready, because people will always ask you to try it out, especially after you load it up and head to the range.


Why would you want to purchase a bolt action pistol? First of all, it is easier when you want to SBR it into a bolt-action rifle. You just have to file form one and include a stock. The other option is to use this handgun for hunting.

As you may already know in some states, using a shotgun is restricted, but in other cases, you can use a handgun. We hope that you liked our overview of the Remington 700 CP Rifle Caliber Pistol and that we have helped you to make an informed decision whether is this the right firearm for you.


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