RE Factor Tactical Releases New Line Of Products To Improve Your Shooting

No matter if you’re an amateur learning how to shoot or a veteran who has years of experience, you could benefit from practicing your marksmanship. For instance, statistics from the New York City Police Department indicate hit rates for its officers of approximately 20 percent. These individuals have years of training and practice.

RE Factor recently released two products that could help improve your shooting. Everyone from hunters to police and military members could potentially benefit from these products. Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of the two products and why they could help improve your shot.

Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck And IQ Target

If you’re searching for an innovative product that could help improve your shooting, you’ll want to check out RE Factor’s Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck and IQ Target. This product comes with a deck of cards, each of which includes different shooting instructions. Instructions are detailed, as they correspond with multiple aspects of the IQ Target, including:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes

So, for instance, you could draw a card that says, “Press and fire two rounds to red triangle A and then another two rounds to red circle B.” The cards vary in complexity, which could help improve both your focus and your quickness. One of the most complex instructions we saw said, “Draw and fire one round to yellow triangle A, three rounds to red square three, two rounds to yellow circle B, five rounds to red square two, and one round to blue triangle A.”

The complexity of the cards coincides with their place in the deck. For instance, the four “2’s” represent Warm-Up shots, while the four Aces represent “Advanced Drills with Movement.” We’re sure that this product will keep shooters on their toes, as they never know which card they’ll draw. The company also sells two different decks, one for rifle manipulation and one for pistols. The deck for rifles includes other criteria, such as:

  • Different shooting positions
  • Different starting positions
  • Yardage

The Essential Shooting Guide

RE Factor’s Essential Shooting Guide provides shooters with numerous methods proven to help improve various aspects of shooting, including:

  • Precision
  • Shooting under stress
  • Shooting on the move
  • Target transitions

The book comes with ten chapters, each focused on a different aspect of shooting. The guide also details a 150-round warm-up drill that focuses on the technical aspects of shooting. Drills correspond with both the Essentials Target and the “Kill Zone” target.

Once shooters feel as though they’ve mastered the techniques in the book, they can participate in the RE Factor Challenge. This challenge requires precise shooting and reloading while using a pistol. Individuals participating in the challenge must record the entire run-through and provide:

  • Their time
  • Proof of distance
  • Hits throughout

If shooters can complete the challenge in under seven seconds without missing any of their targets, RE Factor will award them a Tactical Challenge patch. The company will also publish the shooter’s name on a special section of their website unless you request otherwise.

About RE Factor Tactical

According to the company website, RE Factor Tactical is a “SOF veteran-led company with the mission of providing special operations with Unconventional Solutions that are essential for adapting to unconventional problems on the battlefield.” The company is well-trusted in the industry, and we’re confident that the two above products could help improve your shot no matter how many years of experience you have handling weapons.


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