5 Tactical Flashlight Techniques For Self Defense

A tactical flashlight is a great option for self-defense when used effectively. With it, you will combine the benefits of the palm stick with the possibility to use night-adapted vision to blind an attacker. You can’t know how useful it could be until you are hit with the extremely bright light in the dark.

Here lies your opportunity to kick the attacker in an “inconvenient” spot, hammer him in the face, or punch him in the solar plexus. So, since it is not illegal, this tool is almost as powerful as a weapon, but you can carry it wherever you want .

We have written down a few reasons why you should use a tactical flashlight as a self defense tool and what techniques you should use to defend yourself in those critical moments.

So, if you like to know more about this topic, all you have to do is read on.

Techniques for Self-Defense

1. Shining the light directly in the eyes of the attacker is the easiest way to use a flashlight as a weapon. These tools have different modes which allow you to increase its brightness. For example, using the one with 1000 lumens will definitely blind the attacker for a few moments and provide you the chance to escape.

2. Smaller and tiny flashlights will pack a punch. To make your punch more powerful, you should use these pocket tools to fill your fist. Put a flashlight in your hand, close it around this tool and make a fist.

3. The third technique is to expose the flashlight’s bulb unscrewing its lens. Poke your attacker with that end. Possible jaggedness and the heat of the bulb can serve as a fantastic weapon.

4. On the other hand, larger flashlights are also an excellent solution in some crucial moments. You can use them to hit the attacker in some critical spots and run away.

5. And last, but not the least essential technique is to remove the batteries from the flashlight and stomp on it to make a pointed, sharp weapon. Of course, that depends on the thickness of its handle and the material.

Why You Should Use Tactical Flashlight as Self-Defense Tool

  • First things first, tactical flashlights aren’t illegal to carry, unlike some weapons. No laws say you can’t have it with you, especially when something dangerous happens. And the main benefit of it is that if you find yourself in a situation when you need to use it, you can’t be prosecuted because you carried a flashlight. So, it will go far when you appear in front of a judge, especially if you are in the foreign country.
  • These tactical tools are made of very durable and long-lasting material. You won’t have to worry about it when a catastrophe occurs thanks to the sturdy construction. They are usually made of aircraft aluminum, textured gripping surface.
  • It is better than the tactical pen because it will give you a better grip. That can only mean one thing – this tool is more robust than a pen, making it easier to hold and grab onto. That is why it will come in handy in some very serious moments, and maybe even save your life.
  • The great news for all those individuals who are on a tight budget, these flashlights are very affordable. Of course you can always choose one that is more expensive than others, but either way, they will all provide help when it comes to defending yourself. You can also check our reviews and see which one will be perfect for your needs.
  • Because it is not considered a weapon, the tactical flashlight is less scrutinized wherever you go. Let’s face it; this tool will not set of an alarm in anyone’s mind. And to be clear, you should not use it as a weapon; use it only as a self-defense tool.
image of small falshlight
  • Practicing with a pen or a blade, it will lead you to the conclusion that the movements are the same with this tool. It can work as a forward grip, although it is mainly used with a reverse one. But, bear in mind that you also need some practice when it comes to self-defense. You could check out some videos and see if they can help you to learn some moves that will be crucial in some specific moments.
  • There is no need to carry a folder for it because it can fit in your pocket perfectly. No more those question from the officers when they notice you are carrying a folder. With these products, you are safe and good to go.
  • These tools include an illumination device and provide a practical use. And as you may already know, having this illumination device is extremely convenient for countless reasons.
  • What is great with these flashlights is the fact that they have more surface area, which will come in handy when you need to defend yourself. It has a wider area that will allow you to be fair better against the attacker, unlike the pen which has a very narrow point.
  • What we like about this tool is that you don’t have to be an expert to use it. Practicing and making natural movements will make you faster than you might think. So the only thing you should do is practice a little, so when you find yourself in some dangerous situation, you will know what to do.


Your first option should always be prevention. And instead as a weapon, using it as a deterrent should be your second choice. When it is possible, it is always better to avoid physical contact. If you blind the attacker and maintain your distance, that may be well enough to escape.

If it is not, you should use some of the techniques, we have written down in this article, to defend yourself. You need to practice so you can use it, like everything else.


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