The Best Tactical Flashlights Of 2019

No matter if you’re in an airsoft competition or conducting a military simulation, you’ll want to make sure that you have a tactical flashlight with you at all times. Tactical flashlights are designed explicitly for combat and survival situations. They are smaller, more lightweight, and brighter than the commercial flashlight you may find underneath your kitchen sink at home. They’re one of the first accessories you should purchase when building a tactical kit.

However, when browsing online, you’re likely to come across dozens of different tactical flashlights. How can you narrow your buying options and pick one? At Orion Tactical, we specialize in testing and reviewing tactical equipment, which is why we’re here to provide you with what we think are the three best tactical flashlights of 2019. No matter your reason for using a tactical flashlight, we’re confident that you’ll be happy when choosing from these options.

J5 Tactical Hyper V Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight

The Hyper V Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight from J5 Tactical is one of our favorites on the market today. The product measures 5” x 1.25” x 1” and weighs approximately 3.7 ounces. The flashlight is affordable, as customers can purchase it for just under $20. J5 Tactical also offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, they’ll refund or replace your purchase without hesitation.

The Hyper V runs on three AAA batteries, which we find incredibly convenient. Carrying backup batteries with you should be easy, as they won’t take up much space or weight. Although the actual lifespan of the batteries depends on how often you use the flashlight, we found that the flashlight will work up to several months under normal daily use conditions.

The company designed this flashlight so that it would withstand the most rigorous of situations. The body consists of a compact Aluminum Alloy Case that can survive a nine-foot drop and be submerged entirely underwater. During testing, the flashlight still worked after we ran over it with a truck. The beam on the flashlight is so powerful that it allows you to focus on objects up to 800 feet away, with max 400 lumens. You can also choose between three light settings:

  • Low
  • High
  • Strobe

Many customers expressed satisfaction with this flashlight in online reviews. Most couldn’t believe how powerful the flashlight was, especially considering that it was so small. They appreciated that they could put take it with them anywhere without issue. The only problem that customers seemed to note about this product was that the belt clip could become loose over time.

Solaray Handheld LED ZX-1 Tactical Flashlight

The Solaray Handheld LED Tactical Flashlight is another high-quality product ideal for airsoft and simulation training. When “Zoomed In,” the flashlight measures 5.4” x 1.33” x 1.1”. When “Zoomed Out,” the length increases from 5.4” to 6.2”. The product is a bit heavier than the J5 model, weighing just under five ounces. The flashlight costs about $10, although there are multiple kits and packages available that could prove valuable. Consider:

  • ZX-1 Flashlight
  • ZX-1 Kit with rechargeable batteries and charger
  • ZX-1/Mini Pro Combo
  • ZX-1, Two-Pack

Depending on the model you choose, you’ll either use AAA batteries or rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries. This flashlight is built to last and is water-resistant like the J5 model. Solaray used aircraft-grade aluminum to construct this product. The light on this product is ideal for both close and long-range illumination, relying on a super-silicon carbide, single-die, XM-L LED chip. Users can choose from Low, Medium, and High illuminations.

Customers who purchased this flashlight were impressed with its ridged bezel, which provides an added defense tool. They also seemed to be impressed with the brightness of the light. One of the problems commonly expressed in reviews was that the flashlight does not remember the last setting that you used. When turning the light on, it will go to a default setting. Additionally, some noted that the flashlight warmed too quickly, sometimes within a couple of minutes.

PeakPlus Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight

The PeakPlus Super Bright LED Flashlight is the most burdensome option on our list, but it could be well worth your while because of the features that it offers. The product measures 5.3” x 1.6” x 1.1” when “Zoomed In,” which is ideal when using the device as a floodlight. When “Zoomed Out,” or using it as a spotlight, the length increases from 5.3” to 6.1”. This flashlight is a bit heavy, however, as it weighs a little more than 11 ounces.

The product costs just under $20, although it comes as part of a kit that should provide you with everything you need, including:

  • One 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Battery Sleeve
  • Battery Charger
  • Flashlight Case
  • One AAA Battery Holder

Although the flashlight runs on the included rechargeable battery, you could also carry AAA batteries in the case as reserves. PeakPlus says that it takes six hours to recharge the batteries fully, although some customers noted that they found they were able to do so in two to four hours. If you’re not satisfied with the product, PeakPlus offers a one-year money back warranty.

What stood out to us the most about this product was how powerful the beam of light was. The beam range varies between 200 and 500 meters. Users can choose from five different zoom settings, including 1x, 250x, 500x, 1000x, and 2000x. It’s easy to navigate between settings thanks to the soft-touch tail switch on the back of the device. PeakPlus made this flashlight of durable aluminum alloy, which is:

  • Water-resistant
  • Skid-proof
  • Anti-abrasive
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