5 Things You Wish You Had When SHTF – Survival Guide

This post is a little bit different from our usual articles. If you are already a prepper, this article won’t teach you anything new, but rather remind you why you should prepare before the collapse. We also hope that this post will serve as a warning and a survival guide to those people who haven’t prep yet.

Let us explain this.

You might think it is unlikely that your house or apartment will ever be destroyed or damaged, but you will still purchase homeowner insurance just in case. Right? Well, it is the same thing as preparing for the doomsday. Maybe it will never happen, but you cannot be sure. Also, doomsday is just one reason out of many to prep.

Millions of people die in disasters every year; hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or pandemics can happen at any time. Of course, you might be lucky never to face catastrophe. But then again, you might not.

A lot of people are unfamiliar with current events and history, so they have no clue how common critical situations are today. These people think they will always have access to affordable food, fresh water, air conditioning, electricity, etc.

But, when catastrophe occurs, people with no emergency supplies and survival skills would not last long. Soon, they will realize how basic survival things can make a difference in those life-or-death situations.

That is why we have made a list of best survival tools you will wish you had when SHTF. If you want to learn more about this topic, all you have to do is read on.

1. Paracord Belts

People have been using strings for everything from making shelters, weapons, and clothing to catching fish to building a shelter to trapping small animals. So, carrying around this item is a one way to be prepared for a survival emergency.

On the other hand, paracord is not just a string. It has several tough strings encased in a tube that creates another string. That means a foot of this item contains several feet of cordage that you can use for any emergency.

image of paracord belt survival

2. Bug Out Bags

Everything you need and you own is in your home. But, what if your house is destroyed in catastrophe? House fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods – all these things are guaranteed to happen somewhere. What if this happens to you?

What if there is an invading army on its way, nuclear fallout or pandemic and you have to bug out fast? As you can see, the bug out bag is something that everyone should have when SHTF. And even if you are a survivalist, you cannot bug out without essentials.

In order to find out what to put in a survival backpack check out our guide.

3. Batteries and Lights

Can you imagine a pitch black house where you can barely see your loved ones’ faces, and you cannot find anything you need to protect yourself from the burglars? It could make you and your loved ones an easy target. That is why you need to be prepared when the power goes out.

A tactical flashlight is an excellent solution for these moments. You can use it to light your home and also to protect yourself from the intruders. And you should always have enough batteries, not only for a flashlight but also for some other devices such as medical equipment or radios.

4. Glow in the Dark Rope

image of glow in the dark tent ropeThis item has two excellent features. First of all, it is the rope that you can use to rig sailing vessels, domesticate horses, scale cliffs, and secure valuables. And also, it glows in the dark! When you want to charge it, just lay it out in the sun for a couple of hours. You will never have to experience tripping over the ropes that are securing your tent.

Have you ever gotten lost in the dark while trying to find your way back to the camp? If yes, the glowing rope is a perfect thing to make sure that doesn’t happen ever again. Just run the length of it from your tent to help you find your way back.

5. First Aid Kits

Did you know that many of us would be dead right now if it weren’t for first kit supplies to prevent infections and keep our wounds clean? When a catastrophe occurs, it is more likely to get injured. And if hospitals are overrun, you will have to help yourself with this survival kit.

Protecting yourself in these situations is crucial, so it would also be wise to pack some extra antibiotics and medications.

6. Food and Cooking Gear

When we first saw a can of tactical bacon, we thought that it was some kind of joke. But, after we have eaten it, we changed our opinion. This food tastes fantastic. And as long as you store it in a dry, cool place and don’t open it, it can last at least ten years.

It has 9 ounces of cooked bacon. And because it is already cooked it means that it could represent more than 2 pounds of uncooked meat. There are 54 strips per one box, which is more than enough to keep you full for at least 5 days.

You will be hungry if the SHTF. Grocery stores have about a week of food on hand, so you need to have a lot of survival food. Some of these meals need to be cooked, so bear in mind to keep cooking gear if the power goes out.

7. Fuel

We all tend to take gasoline for granted. But, it will disappear quickly when a disaster occurs. You will need it for your car and power generator. You will also need alcohol, isopropyl, propane, and stockpile firewood, or any other type of fuel you might need to keep warm and cook food.


The world as we know it could end in many different ways. Whatever the likelihood, degree, and flavor of your preferred doomsday scenario, you will wish that you were prepared for it.


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