Guide to the Top 5 Best Tactical Gear Items In the World


Tactical gear, as the term implies, is all about being prepared for the day ahead with maximum tactical preparedness. There is no “one size fits all” approach to what a complete tactical kit ought to include since that will depend on a myriad of factors. Above all, however, tactical preparedness is about efficient products that enhance your security, safety and survival odds.

Here is our guide to the top 5 best tactical gear items you need to achieve these goals. Some of the products we highlight strengthen your performance capability, while others simply ensure that you don’t have to leave a single piece of tactical gear at home. All the products share the same goal, however. By picking up the following tactical items, you will be prepared to handle even the most complex tactical scenarios.

The Best Tactical Gear Deserves a Rugged Backpack That Can Carry the Load

Collecting an elite set of tactical gear is all well and good, but all those efforts are for naught without a backpack that empowers you to stay mobile while carrying your tactical essentials. To this end, the SOG Seraphim 35 Backpack is an expedition grade tactical pack that is ready and able to hold your complete kit of tactical gear.

What makes the Seraphim 35 stand out from the competition? For starters, storage space and organized mobility are the immediate standout features at first glance. The 35 in the Seraphim’s name describes the 35L main compartment for storage, a truly spacious pack compartment for multi-day use.

Just as adequate storage space is a must for any tactical pack, any “best in class” tactical backpack also needs to follow the basic best practices of tactical hydration. Without overstating the matter, dehydration leads to death, so the ideal tactical/survival pack simply must excel at hydration readiness. The Seraphim fits the bill in this regard, with the ability to hold up to two liters of H2O via any standard bladder. Store it in the main compartment, and the Seraphim provides easy access to your critical water supply via the outside hose.

Other added niceties include plenty of internal compartments for additional storage and a truly innovative long-item carry system for hauling lengthy gear like a tactical axe, spear (we’ve included an excellent tactical spear later in the list), or rifle on the go. For advanced tactical users, the internal MOLLE loop field gives you the capability to conceal carry with a customized position and angle for ideal access to your tactical firearm.

Effectively, the do-everything Seraphim 35 has all the features and customization needed to carry all your tactical essentials in a streamlined, customizable form factor. If you’ve been looking for the ideal tactical pack, the search is over. Pick up the Seraphim 35, a tactical pack that will reliably serve as your tactical go-to for years to come.

Taking Tactical Seriously Demands a Flashlight That Won’t Let You Down

Versatility is often the name of the game for all things tactical, and military and law enforcement alike know that demanding tactical scenarios may require a flashlight that is ready to do the job. The Nite Ize INOVA T10R 3500 Lumens Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight fits the bill in this regard (and then some).

And, yes, you read that correctly. This powerful flashlight packs an astounding 3,500 lumens of max brightness. For perspective, this is enough brightness for expensive laser projectors to cut through ambient light and provide a bright, engaging picture of more than 120″ during the daytime. Or, alternatively, the T10R pumps out more light than both of the average car’s headlights combined. Simply put, if you need max light output, you’re looking at one of the very best and brightest for the job.

Brightness is not the only factor for a tactical flashlight, however. It must also be versatile. In addition to the light’s ability to cast a beam for a quarter-mile, it also runs on high for an incredible six hours. If you dim the light to maximize longevity, you get just shy of four days use (95 hours) out of the flashlight.

When it needs to recharge, it can do so on a full recharge overnight in just 6.5 hours. And, as tech increasingly integrates with tactical, there is much to love about the 14,000 mAh battery capacity accessible via the light’s included USB adaptor. Effectively, any tech essentials for your tactical carry have their charging solution available by way of the light’s built-in power bank.

But, you might be wondering, is the INOVA built to last? Absolutely. The INOVA earns its status as a heavy-duty beam, thanks to its water resistance, shock-proof and crush-proof durability.

When Considering Tactical Preparedness, Don’t Treat Melee As an Afterthought

Just because a knife or melee weapon may be used as a self-defense tool of last resort does not make it an afterthought. An ideal knife or, say, spear may well make the difference between life and death. As such, the melee defense tool you choose for tactical carry deserves careful consideration. Many knives are, appropriately, cut out to do the job for tactical carry, and it is likely you may already have a preferred knife for tactical carry.

Perhaps, however, your ears perked up at the mention of a spear for tactical carry. Just because a spear is a lengthy self-defense tool does not make it impractical for tactical carry. For proof of this, look no further than the United Cutlery UC3137 M48 Super Spear with Sheath.

With a shaft that is coated in black oxide and aluminum, the spear is as aesthetic as it is functional for defense. A built-to-last TPU sheath houses the blade when not in use, and the spear is a lengthy 65.5 inches in length. If this has you balk at the notion that it can be effectively transported for everyday tactical carry, perhaps you need to rethink your tactical pack to make sure it has long-item carry capability (the SOG Seraphim 35 Backpack included in our top 5 list achieves just that).

This spear can make the difference in life and death encounters by maximizing performance when firearms are no longer practical or possible to use. Good luck to any knife-wielding assailant trying to close the distance when you have a five and a half foot spear keeping an attacker at bay.

In effect, part of choosing the best tactical gear items is about rethinking what is possible for your tactical gear. Sure, every best gear list should include essentials like a best in class flashlight, but sometimes thinking outside the box is needed to truly make the most of what works best for personalizing your tactical gear.

When Accuracy Matters, So Does the Scope on Your Rifle

Perhaps you picked up our recommended SOG Seraphim 35 pack and would prefer to use the pack’s long-carry for a rifle, rather than the aforementioned spear. This is a commendable choice if you prioritize a rifle over a handgun for your tactical carry. For such a setup, consider pairing a good machete or highly regarded tactical knife for melee defense.

In any case, choosing a rifle means your tactical scenario works best at a distance when every shot matters. For this loadout, don’t go without quality and accuracy in the field. Choose the Trijicon RS29 AccuPower 4- 16×50 Riflescope.

What makes an excellent rifle scope, and why has the Trijicon model leaped to the top of our list? For starters, the Trijicon scope is regarded for its superior clarity and pinpoint accuracy, with a refined MIL-square reticle designed by a former Marine sniper for enhanced aim points. And, the scope is useful for almost any lighting condition, making it versatile when needed for all times of day.

The scope is usable with LED-adjustable brightness increments in either red or green illumination, allowing you to set the scope brightness to personal preference. Simply put, the scope keeps you firing accurately from hundreds of yards away, with easy magnification changes made possible by the integrated zoom ring knob.

Built to last, the RS29 is the scope you need to step up your tactical ranged performance.

Finally, Invest in Boots That Provide the Tactical Benefits You Need

When it comes to boots, there is one name that has been doing the job right for well over a century. Bates, namely, has been making boots for the military and law enforcement for decades, and the Bates men’s Velocitor Military and Tactical Boot won’t let you down, either.

The Velocitor has everything you need in a tactical boot, with a lightweight design and waterproof, moisture-wicking construction that emboldens you to take the terrain.

What do you need in a good tactical boot? Versatility, ankle support, comfort and quality that lasts. The Velocitor is all this and more, making it an easy final recommendation to round out our list of the five best tactical gear items in the world.

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