This Device Keeps First Responders Safe From Drugs

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department got a new device that will keep first responders safe when they are fighting the war on narcotics. The TruNarc brings the reliability and accuracy of a lab-proven technology. This analyzer quickly and easily tests over 400 substances, including analgesics, hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, and narcotics.

It is straightforward to use as it provides definitive, clear results for possible evidence. It also offers tamper-proof, clear results with scan results, including time and date stamps. And what is best about this devices is the fact it doesn’t require direct contact with drugs.

The TruNarco analyze key drugs of abuse as well as emerging threats, precursors, and cutting agents such as ANPP, NPP, 2 fentanyl precursors, pharmaceutical variants (Alfentanil and Sufentanil), common street fentanyl analogs, numerous fentanyl compounds including carfentanil, and fentanyl itself.

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How Does It Work?

The TruNarc devices are hand-held scanners that can identify and detect different narcotics. This unit has a laser which needs to be pointed at the drug sample. After you have pointed it at sample, the unit generates a distinct spectrum and analyze the drug. Its library contains drug information which helps to identify the narcotic.

You can easily update this device with a new designer and dangerous drugs. The police department can automatically produce the records, to include the name of the narcotic, date and time stamps, and anything else they want to program into it.

That is why the San Diego Sheriff’s Department has decided to buy 15 of these devices.

Before these units were an option, law enforcement personnel needed to scoop drugs into little boxes for testing. But, TruNarc technology can scan through the plastic bags or glass for most samples to preserve evidence, reduce exposure and minimize contamination, and of course, to determine the kind of drugs that are being used.

This technology is getting more and more important with the increasing usage of Fentanyl drug. Just a small amount of this drug can cause an overdose. The TruNarc device takes less than two minutes to scan and identify more than 300 different drugs.

San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies used this device when they have found an unconscious man who was covered in a white substance. When they used this analyzer, they discovered that this substance was Fentanyl. Thanks to this information, the man has got the proper medical help.

This device is pretty expensive; it costs almost 30 000 dollars. One has been given at every sub-station and jail around the U.S., and one is also in the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area office.


Police department around the country has started using TruNarc, an analyzer for drug testing. This unit can detect multiple or single drugs and compounds, including those more difficult to identify such as ‘’bath salts’’. This speeds up the process of drug identification, allowing police to be more efficient with the time they have.


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