Our In-Depth Review of UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest for 2018


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Very comfortable
  • It distributes the weight well
  • Includes a non-slip shoulder pad
  • This model features a walkie-talkie pocket
  • Does not retain moisture or heat
  • Three rifle magazine pouches
  • Affordable


  • It can be hard to adjust the straps
  • The model has sharp corners

The UTG Law enforcement tactical vest is usually used by military, security, SAT and police personnel for missions and field operations. But, this fantastic model can also be used by anyone on any other occasion. If you need gear that can hold multiple things at once and have easy access to it, you should definitely consider this product.

Whether you are someone who needs a vest because it has a lot of compartments, or you are going on tactical missions where you must wear it daily, this model is the perfect candidate. So if you want to know more about the utg tac vest and its features, all you have to do is read our complete review.


Fully Adjustable in Length and Girth

The UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest is known as the model that fits most users as it is completely adjustable in length and girth. It is designed as an entry level one with all the great features which make it our number one choice when it comes to top products of this kind on the market.

Bear in mind, that it will be a better fit for taller persons than for short persons. If you have a smaller body size, you may find this model too big for you. Always check measurements before you purchase any of these products. You can also check other reviews to see what model will fit you best.

Ventilation System

The great thing about this vest is the fact that it provides a fantastic ventilation system. The manufacturers comprised this product’s core of the signature UTG mesh ventilation system. It releases heat and moisture when you are on a mission in a hot climate.

You can close it up with a large-toothed, high-quality, metal zipper. We need to admit that this feature is fantastic and that we really like it.


As for the storage, this UTG model has a lot of pouches and pockets that will come in handy when you need to carry many tools and equipment. Also, another fantastic benefit about them is the fact that its is very easy access. So, for example, if you need your tactical flashlight in some dangerous situation, you can quickly reach it.

So, speaking of storage, this model features six total magazine pouches. Two singles are attached to the belt horizontally, one is on the holster, and 3 dual ones are located on the upper left chest. It also has 4 rifle mag pockets where you will find one on the left side and three of them on the right. We need to mention that each of these pouches can hold 2 singles that you can attach horizontally to the belt that is included, and 2 30-round AR 15/M16 magazines.

All these pouches that are located on the chests are covered with Velcro closures and elastic, and features drain holes to hold the mag in the right place. That will also reduce the noise that you are making while moving with the vest.

UTG 547 Pouches and Pockets

Shotgun Shell and Radio Pouch

This UTG model features shotgun shell and radio pouches. The first one, the shotgun shell, you can find on the upper chest area on the right side. It has an external Velcro strip where you can attach the holder for shotgun shells or an ID plate.

On the other side, the left one, you will notice a small pouch for a radio. The location is excellent, but there is one drawback when it comes to this feature. You cannot fit the NOA/GMRS radio designed by Midland because this pocket is too small to fit it. But, you can place some other models, so it is still a great addition.

Deluxe Universal Cross-Draw Holster

This cross draw holster is located below the pistol mag pouches, on the left side on the chest area. It is backed up by nylon straps and a big Velcro patch to allow adjustments in terms of placement and angle on this model. But for those who don’t want this feature, there is also an included dual rifle mag pouch that you can fit in the holster’s place.

The great deal about this feature is the fact that both the pouch and holster are ‘’belt loop ready’’ for the belt hold option. In other words, this feature is not wasted as you can use it in two different ways. So, either way, you can only benefit from it.


This tactical vest is designed of durable fabric, and it will be able to withstand any situations or conditions you put it through. Weighing in at under four pounds, this model is measurably more lightweight than some other ones. Velcro on the front side and shoulders simplify adjustments so that you can modify this product for ease of use and maximum comfort.

We also need to mention that it features zippers that are made of high-quality material. The vest features a removable belt that can store a first aid kit or a patrol pack and can serve as extra security. This model has a rescue handle that is very durable and offers excellent strength, which is a fantastic addition for most dependable missions and field operations.

The only drawback we have found is the poor quality of the buttons. We hope that manufacturers will consider this and in the future make better ones. But, on the other hand, this vest has all these fantastic features, and it is made of high-quality material, so this small issue isn’t a big deal.

UTG Tactical West Internal Pockets


Whether you are a person who is looking for a great tactical vest, or you are a member of military or law enforcement, you should consider purchasing this model. Every feature that it offers is fantastic, and we have no real complaints about it. We hope that you liked our in-depth review, and get all the information you needed to make an informed decision about the product.


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