What are Some of the Tasks Robots Perform in Today’s Military?

Military robots can be used for lots of different things, such as flying, firing missiles, detecting mines, carrying wounded soldiers, and many more uses are being designed as we write this. Most of the military organizations today, get help of these machines to handle dangerous tasks that can’t be carried out manually by men.

We have noticed a significant development in these new models when compared to older ones. But, you must be wondering; what are some of the tasks robots perform in today’s military? Stick with us, and we will explain everything you need to know about different kinds and current use of these robots.


This military robot is one of the most current machines used by military organizations. It’s a remote controlled and electrically powered robot which is used to destroy, handle or locate dangerous items safely. Its main task is to recover improvised hazardous units.

In other words, this robot is a vehicle for disarming explosives. It can move through any terrain and climb stairs to approach dangerous object and scan it using X-ray unit that is portable. This X-ray machine also helps it find and locate bombs. As you can see it helped military organizations in many different ways.


PackBot is a series of machines used by military organizations which are probably the most famous and used robots throughout the war in Afghanistan. There are many versions of it, and each one includes different features. The base model PackBot 510 is the newest model that came out recently. It uses a camera to detect enemy troops, and it can move through any terrain. Some versions can also identify hazardous chemicals when analyzing the air around.

This newest model includes configurations such as PackBot 510 with REDOWL Sniper Detection Kit, PackBot 510 with Fido, PackBot 510 with HazMat Detection Kit, PackBot 510 with first responder kit, PackBot 510 with fast Tactical Maneuvering Kit and PackBot 510 with EOD bomb disposal.

image of military combat robot


The Goalkeeper is a robot that is used and mounted to ships. It includes a system that detects and fire at the enemy; any object that is flying near the ship. It also has the ability to defend ships from incoming missiles by identifying and destroying them.

The advanced radar and autocannon can track and destroy the incoming fire.


The MARCBot is one more military robot that is widely used. It can find and inspect dangerous items. With a full battery, it can run for about six hours. This machine includes a camera that can provide a larger scope of vision. This camera is located in a way to look behind the doors.

This robot has been used to inspect the suspicious object in Iraq. It is one of the most commonly used machines for military missions as it is one of the smallest models today.

Besides these machines that we have mentioned in this article, there are also many other robots that are used by military organizations. Some of them are Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Samsung SGR-A1, TALON, RQ-1 Predator, RQ-9 Predator B, and Guargium.

The Advantages and Use of Military Robots

In the last few years, the production of military robots has dramatically increased. There are robots that provide security and protect our soldiers in the field. ‘’ More than 2,000 ground robots are fighting alongside flesh-and-blood forces in Afghanistanaccording to David Axe who wrote this in his article ‘’One in 50 Troops in Afghanistan is a Robot’’.

The number of soldiers is decreasing as the number of robots keeps on increasing. “A U.S. Army officer announced that the Army is looking to slim down its personnel numbers and adopt more robots over the coming years.“, said Evan Ackerman in his article “U.S. Army Considers Replacing Thousands of Soldiers with Robots.”

If these machines can handle the same tasks as a soldier can, their use can be of great benefit to our country. Today these robots may not be as efficient as military personnel, but they can perform some jobs that are very difficult and dangerous to a human.

There are times in war when soldiers are sent to missions that are almost suicidal. Military robots can complete each of these missions and withstand damage. And let’s face it, when the machine is destroyed in the war, you build a new one and replace the old. The best part is that there is not a soldier loss.

Robots can be programmed in a way to perform a specific task and do that better than a man would do it. When you think about it, these machines can make the difference between winning and losing a war. These machines also feature weapons that they can control way better than a soldier could do.

image of preparing military robot for field training exercise


Almost all military organizations use robots to help them carry out many dangerous tasks that can’t be handled manually by humans. Comparing these newer models with older ones in earlier times, we can notice a significant development. From the missile firing drones and intelligence gathering used in the U.S. war on terror to the mechanical-diffusers army relied on by our forces in Iraq, more and more of military missions are now performed by robots.

The question is, will the machines eventually replace soldiers’ boots on the ground? One of the American military leaders, Gen. Robert Cone thinks so.

According to Cone, machines like robots and drones could replace up to a ¼ of soldiers in the battlefield by 2030. But, there are some tasks that these machines cannot perform. Or are there?


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