Tactical Sports Gear Review

When browsing for tactical gear online, you’re likely to come across dozens of different companies. Over the past decade, one of the companies that have stood out time and time again is Tactical Sports Gear. Below, we’ve provided you with a brief breakdown of the company, some of its standout products, and some of the features that help set it apart from its competitors.

About Tactical Sports Gear

According to the company’s Facebook page, they are “dedicated to selling the highest quality gear for the best possible price.” The page also mentions that they specialize in providing tactical sunglasses and other outdoor gear. The company has provided quality tactical products to its customers since 2008. The company is based in Texas.

Standout Products

Tactical Sports Gear breaks down its product offerings into the following sections:

  • Camping
  • Flashlights and Accessories
  • Multi-Tools
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sunglasses

The Camping section contains Camping Supplies and Survival Gear. One of the products that stood out to use was the Greatland Rescue Laser Light. This product, which customers can purchase for less than $90, allows them to provide an Emergency Distress Signal that travels for up to 20 miles. This is an excellent accessory that everyone should consider throwing in their survival kit, no matter if you’re a recreational hunter or a first responder.

In the Flashlight section, we were impressed with the Red Filter Cap product. This tool is designed for Pelican M6 and other similar tactical flashlights. The spring-loaded design makes it easy for you to put this filter over the top of your flashlight, allowing you to filter the beam. This product could be particularly useful for those looking to maintain night vision.

When browsing the Multi-Tools section, we were impressed by the Gerber Soldier’s Tool Cleaning Kit, which customers can purchase for a bit more than $85. This is a high-quality cleaning kit that you can use to clean your firearm. The package allows you to clean everything from the breach of the weapon to the muzzle. This particular model works for 5.56mm caliber weapons, although other packages exist for weapons of different sizes.

The Sporting Goods section contained everything from Hunting Cameras to Gun Safes. For the recreational hunter, we thought the Tactacam 4.0 Bow Camera was an exciting product. It’s a bit pricy, as it costs about $330. However, it comes with everything you need to capture your shot, including a customer mound and a 32GB SD Card. The auto-record feature reduces the need to fiddle and fuss while you are trying to focus on your shot.

Unique Features

In addition to high-quality products, there are a few other things that stand out when evaluating Tactical Sports Gear. First and foremost, the company always offers free shipping, no matter how small your order. They ship their products via USPS First Class Mail. Assuming there are no product restrictions, they will also ship to Canada and Australia for free. The company accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Additionally, the company offers a price-match guarantee. If you come across a product on another website that is considerably less than what you paid, the company will remedy the situation and ensure they beat the competitor’s price.

Our Verdict

After scouring online reviews and extensive testing, we believe that Tactical Sports Gear is well worth your consideration. It is perhaps best for those who use firearms regularly. However, there are other exciting accessories on the website that could be worth adding to your survival kit as well. We think it’s worth your time to visit the Tactical Sports Gear website, browse the company’s products, and take advantage of the free shipping!


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