CQR Men Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo

Finding the right pair of tactical pants isn’t always easy. You need them to provide plenty of pocket space, easy access to those pockets, and complete durability that will stand up to anything you put them through. Not to mention the fact that good tactical pants also have to provide a full range of motion so you are able to move as needed – and be completely comfortable. Luckily, the CQR Men’s Tactical Pants fit the bill perfectly.

CQR Men’s Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo

CQR Tactical gear is always constructed with performance design Duratex and modeled closely after the military and law enforcement pants that so many in the field wear. These pants are presented as being a viable option for those looking for the perfect blend of comfort and performance, and are available in several color options as well.


  • Duratex Fabric – The quality Duratek fabric not only lasts in the field, but repels liquids, dirt, mud, and other contaminants. You end up with a pair of tactical pants that are easy to clean but that will also last no matter what you put them through.
  • Plenty of Storage – These pants include plenty of pockets for storage. Including large front pockets, flap pockets, and more. You’ll have room for what you need when you’re on the go.
  • Protection and Easy Access – Each pocket includes either tactical Velcro flaps for more secure storage. Plus, the front pockets are large and deep enough to be accessed with gloves on.
  • The Look – Created with military and law enforcement design as the inspiration, the pants also simply look great while you’re wearing them. Not always a primary concern, it’s still nice to have decent looking pants available.
  • Versatility – Can be used for any activity, from work to hunting to hiking and beyond.
  • Rip Resistant Fabric – The fabric stitching, and materials include rip-stop design to help keep your pants from tearing at the worst possible moments.
  • D-Rings – Zinc alloy D-rings are located on the belt loops to allow for fast, easy storage of tactical equipment, tools, and more.


  • Chinese Made – These pants, while a good value, aren’t American made and are imported from China instead.
  • Limited D-Ring Options – Only the two front belt loops have the included D-Rings, limiting your options for tactical storage.
  • May Not Stand Up To Heavy Use – The snap waist button may break over time, and overall the stitching is somewhat lower quality than an American made option.
  • Baggy Fit – You’ll get good mobility, but the baggy design means that for emergency management use they aren’t as effective and can cause some problems.
  • Deep Pockets, Short Arms – Finally, those with shorter arms may find that the large, deep front pockets are harder to reach into.

Our Verdict

While it has some drawbacks, those are mainly due to the lower cost construction – which is the primary goal of the CQR Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo. By reducing costs, CQR is able to provide customers with a pair of tactical pants that offer the perfect blend of affordability, comfort, and performance.

Those looking to add some additional tactical pants to their wardrobe will want to add these pants to their shortlist, but should bear in mind that they may not be the best option when you need something that will stand up to heavy, heavy use over the years. Still, fitting good tactical pants into any budget isn’t always easy to do, and this is a welcome entry into the market.

Being able to purchase tactical pants for less than $35 is a huge game-changer, and we recommend these if you’re looking for performance on a budget.


  1. looks durable

  2. Slim, comfortable fit, very nice. Can store all edc stuff in there too

  3. Great looking pants! Plenty of pockets and options; lightweight for sumer heat.

  4. Would love for bf to own!

  5. I’d give these to my son. He could make good use of them!

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  9. Very nice looking and the optional ways to use these pants are great.

  10. I don’t really the cons on these pant, but thanks for the great read.

  11. Always such great products. Problem people have with outerwear is having plenty of easy to reach pockets. Nothing more frustrating that pockets that are not accessible or too small. Pants look durable and made with lots of movement in mind.

  12. I like these pants other than the fact they were made in China. So I will not be buying these. Thanks for the honest review though.

  13. These pants look amazing for both work and play. I would love to get my husband a pair!

  14. Love the discreet look. And budget friendly is definitely a huge plus!

  15. These pants have a good look as well as being practical.

  16. These look supper comfortable and love the storage

  17. I think the pants would be useful for women, too.

  18. Great looking pants. Love the sleek look and fit

  19. Looks awesome! Lots of storage. I hate when the pockets are hard to get into

  20. Reply
    David Hollingsworth July 19, 2019 at 7:14 pm

    I hope that I could fit these pants. They look subtle and unassuming.

  21. these pants look great for my dad

  22. That’s a lot of pocket. They look nice too. Thanks for posting!

  23. Good stuff if you’re on a tight budget

  24. I like that it repels insects and its good fabric

  25. They look very nice!

  26. Versatile and fairly sturdy, I like them…would prefer American made.

  27. My hubby would like these although made in China is a minus in my book

  28. Great looking pants, streamlined

  29. These pants would make a great birthday gift for my dad.

  30. These are awesome! Thanks!

  31. Pretty useful and comfortable pants. Does not matter where they are made

  32. this could come in handy

  33. would probably be great for summertime pants – love the pockets with the velcro. An affordable alternative as long as your not in a high stress tactical position

  34. Loving all the pockets!

  35. Very affordable, look to be made solidly.

  36. The pros and cons leave a lot to consider, thanks for being so thorough

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  38. looks like very nice pants

  39. looks like khakis to me.

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  41. Super stylish and efficient!

  42. Looks comfortable and love the fit of these.

  43. These would be great for the hubby! We are always looking for pants that have extra pockets and are comfortable

  44. Another great gift for my son! Love the pockets!

  45. I wish these pants had expanding waistbands like BlackHawk and TruSpec. It makes the pants quite a bit more comfortable to wear and move in.

  46. looks like it will hold up

  47. My husband would love these

  48. Lightweight is Great! Definitely a Must For Outdoors!!

  49. Love the pants and color.

  50. These pants fit comfortably and all those pockets are handy!

  51. Very nice looking pants

  52. These are nice! Thanks for sharing your opinion on them.

  53. My husband would look sexy in these pants.

  54. Looks very comfortable

  55. The snap button at waist can be easily replaced with something stronger. While I am not on the “BUY AMERICAN FIRST!!” bandwagon, I can see where this would put off some buyers.

  56. Reply
    Margaret GALLAGHER July 25, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    L9ving the style – durable and lightweight too

  57. After reviewing these pages it looks like I’m going to have to crawl out of my cave and gets some appropriate threads. Thanks for the nice selection.

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  64. Light weight design is always nice and breathable in summer but like this says, may not hold up with lots of heavy use.

  65. I Just bought some CQR pants they should be arriving today. Can’t wait to try em out.

  66. Reply
    Shannon D Citrino July 27, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    I like the pockets

  67. I like the versatility and style of the pants, from repelling water (liquids) to even using it as an everyday pair of pants.

  68. great for someone on a budget – looks great

  69. My son would love these. Now, we need some woman tactical pants. Lol

  70. They look great on and a great price

  71. A lot of good advice some of which I had never heard of or thought of.

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    Jeanette Leighton July 31, 2019 at 4:57 pm

    Very stylish I could see my dad and partner wearing these

  79. I would love to give these to hubby

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  82. These look really nice and super lightweight, I think my husband would love them.

  83. My husband would love these!

  84. Lots of pockets are a must for any tactical pants.

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    Aubrey Scott Daniels August 1, 2019 at 2:00 am

    Great pants. Lightweight and plenty of pockets

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  87. Absolutely NEED these pants!! Lightweight, useful, tons of pockets-perfect!

  88. Reply
    Shannon Brooks Rabren August 1, 2019 at 2:36 am

    These would be amazing for all the work my husband does!

  89. Reply
    Dorothy J Reynolds August 1, 2019 at 6:37 am

    Nice! I like that they are versatile & rip free.

  90. These tactical pants look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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